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Traveling to Costa Rica, just like any other part of the world, is fun and exciting. Research indicates that traveling can benefit your mental, physical and emotional health.

Although many Americans love traveling, they mostly visit local spots. Americans, according to a Hostelworld Global Traveler Report on a study, just like Europeans, are 50% less likely to travel abroad and explore at least one nation.

UK residents have visited an average of 10 countries, the French 5 and Germans eight. However, Americans usually visit only three nations. And, 29% of American adults have never traveled abroad.

U.S. citizens who move across the border mostly visit Mexico and Canada. And, approximately, 71% of Americans fail to leave the border, citing high costs as a reason.

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We’re a team of travelers with lots of love for traveling. We help others meet their goals and dreams of traveling the world, especially Costa Rica. You’ll find information on anything from how to pack for a Costa Rican vacation to important safety measures.

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